Greta Christina v Sam Harris, Ophelia Benson vs Michael Nugent and YouTube Atheism

These videos take time to make. Whilst this particular video is unpledged every contribution helps justify the time spent on this and other videos. If you have enjoyed the video and its content please consider:

Christina v Harris

Greta Christina's 'insightful analysis' of Sam Harris:

Sam Harris' response to Greta Christina and her fellow bile spewers:

Benson v Nugent

Ophelia Benson's criticism of Michael Nugent:

Michael Nugent's reply to Ophelia Benson:

...lastly, I always try and support other video bloggers and return the favours larger channels gave to me in the past. One of my patreon pledgers Mark Hidden has commented on the Sam Harris case on his channel and, knowing I was making this video via a patron-only video, asked if i would link his video related to the same disagreement. Here is his video (which i give not as an andorsement but for you to check out, the same as the blog links above):

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